A wall map is both a tool and a decorative element. Besides adorning to walls of a room, like a painting or a poster, it makes it possible to locate specific places and to put them in context with their surroundings. A wall map can also be used to delineate a specific sales territory or to plan shipping or travelling routes.

Aux Quatre Points Cardinaux offers a complete variety of wall maps. Maps of the world, maps of continents (America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Oceania, Antartica), regional maps, country maps, and detailed maps of Quebec’s biggest cities (Montreal, Quebec City, Laval, etc.). You can also buy maps of the oceans, thematically maps (geology, environmental), world maps for children, historical reproductions, etc.

Wall maps are generally sold in paper format and rolled up. They can also be personally laminated and rolled again by Aux Quatre Points Cardinaux’s team.

We also offer, in the store, the possibility to buy press wood or foam core laminated versions of all of our wall maps. These lamination processes will make your map more resistant to wear and tear. It will also turn an ordinary wall map into a real classy decorative object.

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