Aeronautical information products are used by plane or helicopter pilots flying inside the Canadian airspace. They are essential products for flight planning and to assure a good conduct of things on board during flights.

Aux Quatre Points Cardinaux distributes all of Nav Canada’s products, the private company that owns and operates Canada’s civil air navigation service (ANS). 

    • VFR Navigational Charts (VNC)
    • VFR Terminal Area Charts (VTA)
    • Terminal Area Charts (TAC)
    • EnRoute Charts
    • Flight Supplement
    • Water Aerodrome Supplement

 The EnRoute, TAC and flight supplement are revised every 56 days. Don’t forget to check your edition and the newest one every time you fly.

The charts are sold in folded paper format and the manuals are distributed as bonded books. All of our aeronautical paper charts can be personally laminated and folded again by Aux Quatre Points Cardinaux’s team.

Canada Air Pilot (CAP)

Enroute Charts

Flight supplement

Terminal Area Charts (TAC)

VFR Navigational Charts (VNC)

VFR Terminal Charts (VTA)