Nautical charts are essential to marine navigation. They represent water depths, waterways, buoys and reefs. Marine charts are sold as atlases or rolled or folded paper maps. All of the paper maps can be personally laminated and folded by Aux Quatre Points Cardinaux’s team.

Some marine maps are designed for fishermen. They show the locations of outfitters and fishes, at the same time identifying their species. These maps cover, among others: the Dozois Reservoir, Gouin Reservoir, Lac Simon, Lac des Deux-Montagnes, Taureau Reservoir…

We distribute Fisheries and Oceans Canada’s maps. This federal government agency is in charge of producing the official waterways marine charts of Canada: Gulf of Saint Lawrence, Saint Lawrence River, Great Lakes, Ottawa River, Richelieu River, Lake Champlain, Saguenay River, Lac Saint-Jean, the West Coast of Canada and the Arctic. These maps are also sold in a digital format.

Nautical publications are essential complements to marine maps. They increase the amount of information you have to make to best decisions while organizing your trip and on board. The sailing directions and tables of tides and currents are only sold for the major waterways of Canada.

We also sell nautical guides for tourism purposes. They suggest which are the best routes, lists of marinas, points of interest, beaches, lodging and restaurants.

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