A terrestrial (or planetary) globe is a decorative element, a tool used to locate countries or cities and a learning instrument for children or adults.

A globe is the only accurate representation of planet earth. Flat maps are created using projections that add distortions in the real dimensions of the continents. Some regions will be smaller or lager and their shape may be altered from reality. It is impossible to transform a sphere into a flat rectangle. Try doing it with an orange peel or a beach ball.

Aux Quatre Points Cardinaux offers a wide variety of terrestrial globes that will certainly suit your needs. Before choosing the globe of your dreams, there are some questions you need to ask yourself.

Do you want a globe that stands on the floor or on a piece of furniture? Do you prefer a globe that looks modern or a globe that has a classic feeling with a wooden base and a parchment paper sphere? Is it a globe for children? With a lamp inside?

Our planetary globes are either sold with a plastic, wood or metal base. The sphere is made of plastic or paper and can either be flat or have the topographic relief of major mountain ranges.

You can also buy historical reproductions of antique globes and inflatable globes.

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