Global positioning systems (GPS) are now essential accessories for a majority of travellers, outdoor enthusiasts, hunters, fishers and boat drivers. Aux Quatre Points Cardinaux offers a complete selection of Garmin devices for all your needs.

You can buy additional GPS road maps for your travels abroad: Europe, Asia, Australia, South America, India, Morocco… They come on a SD/MicroSD card that easily inserts itself in any Garmin GPS.

We also sell very detailed topographic maps of the United States (USA), Canada, and QuebecThe topographic maps of the Province of Quebec are made by TrakMaps and TopoNav. They are an absolute must for every outdoor enthusiast or hunter. They show the contour lines, forest roads and trails, frontiers of parks, ZEC, outfitters, private or public land, snowmobile and AVT roads and trails and thousands of points of interest such as restaurants, gas stations and historical sites.

TrakMaps’s marine charts show you the depths of the water. They cover the major lakes and rivers of Quebec and Ontario and the waterways of the Great Lakes and the St-Laurent River.

All of the maps can be visualized on a computer so you can plan your trip before going out or analyze and store your data after your trips.

We also sell the majority of the Garmin accessories such as mounts, power cables and protective cases.