THE reference in Quebec!

For nearly 25 years, AUX QUATRE POINTS CARDINAUX has been offering you specialized products for your trips, excursions and outdoors activities.

You will find:

The biggest selection of terrestrial globes in Montreal. Desk and floor globes, illuminated or not, in paper or plastic, up-to-date or ancient maps reproductions, with wooden, metal or plastic mounts and of all possible sizes!

Garmin GPS units, maps and accessories. As a dealer, we can order anything on the Garmin catalogue. Our GPS specialists will find the unit that suits your particular needs. Our maps (Garmin, Trakmaps, Toponav) cover different needs: on the road, ont the trail, on the water.

Topographic maps. We are an official distributor of Natural Ressources Canada / Canada Map Office and the Photocartothèque québécoise of the Ressources naturelles et de la Faune minister of Quebec. Several scales are available: 1:20 000 – 1:50 000 – 1:100 000 – 1:250 000. We print nearly all of the government maps inside the store and it only takes a couple of minutes, whether it be Fraser Valley or Nunavik. We are also a retailer of JLC Géomatique topographical maps that offers a limited coverage of the province of Quebec. They have a road network (trails, forestry roads and roads) updated by satellite imagery and a more modern appearence. An interplay of colours between the contour lines creates a depht effect that let’s you easily distinguish the mountains, mounts and valleys. Your territory is ont he corner of four maps? No problem. JLC can produce maps tailored to your region, your lake or your hunting territory at ther following scales: 1:50 000 1:20 000 1:10 0000.

Forestry maps. We now print the ministère des Ressources naturelles et de la Faune du Québec’s forestry maps. They have a scale of 1:20 000 and they represent the same territory as the 1:20 000 topographic maps of Quebec (they even have the same maps number). They offer very detailed and up-to-date information about the state of the forests, wood species, fires, wood cuttings, etc. Here, too, JLC Géomatique offers to tailor a map centered to your region or hunting territory (1:10 000 or 1:20 000). Forestry maps are too complicated for you or shows too much information for your needs? Try JLC’s topographic-forestry hybrid maps. Perfect for the hunter’s strategic planning, theses maps show the necessary topographic information (elevations, streams, rivers, lakes, trails and roads) coupled with the essential forestry information (broad leaved trees/conifers, regeneration, cuttings/disturbances, wetlands/flooded lands) expressed in a simplified language: color codes instead of numbers and composed codes.

Aerial photographies of everywhere in Quebec. In paper or numeric. In black and white, color or infrared. From the sixtees to today. Several scales from 1:10 000 to 1:40 000. Research and expedition fees may apply. The photos are ready between 2-3 week days to 2-3 weeks depending on the service requiered.

Folded or wall maps, in paper or waterproof, of everywhere in the world

  • aeronautic maps (NAV CANADA)
  • marine maps (Fisheries and Oceans Canada)
  • road maps
  • thematic maps
  • tourist maps
  • antique maps (reproductions)
  • astronomical maps

Outdoor and travel guides of everywhere in the world

  • topoguides
  • cycling
  • trekking
  • canoe-kayak
  • ski/snowshoe
  • Lonely Planet
  • Rough Guides
  • Petit Futé
  • Le guide du routard
  • Ulysse
  • Michelin
  • National Geographic
  • Cartoville
  • Top 10
  • Eyewitness Travel Guide
  • etc.

Various accessories

  • magnyfying glasses
  • pencils
  • rules and compasses
  • swiss knives
  • travel accessories
  • clocks
  • travel diaries

If, by chance, a product is not available in-store, we will order it as fast as we can!

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